Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Starting 2018

At the end of every year I make my refrigerator calendar (you know, the kind that has big spaces to write in) from the ugly Post Office calendar. I glue on Canson paper and paint. This year I used Derwent Inktense pencils and chose three colors for each page, which I picked from a color study in my journal/sketchbook.

Well, I'm a bit late this year, but six months are ready to go.

I also decided to follow Joanne Sharpe's online class "Artfully Inspired Life" tm, to keep up with journaling and to stay cheerful in these trying times. Not only is "The Circus in D.C." journal dragging on, but, rioting by thugs in Tunisia dominates local news. A worrisome year ahead...My solution is Joanne's cheerfulness. 

For January: a mantra and a lettering page,

and, of course, a journaling page.

Hope 2018 is starting well for you. 


Ms. said...

Your choice of reaction to all the turmoil locally and over here Stateside is brave and beautiful. Also wise. We all must find a means to endure and art is, as always, a way to be and a wish fulfilling statement. May you and all beings be happy.

Els said...

Ahhh Nadia, you've made a good start right away !!!
(I love my Inktense pencils too !)
I love to see your journalling ... would love to work
alongside ... but I KNOW I won't keep it up for very
long, so I'll just admire yours ;-)

Julie Fukuda said...

Wonderfully artistic and colorful.

SewTypical said...

Love your artwork and blog...
One of these days I'll have to try those Derwent Inktense pencils - the colors look great!

:-) Chris

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I find your journal pages fascinating - the combination of drawings and text are so bright and cheerful - and just plain fun to see. Obviously your surroundings influence your colour choices too.

rtquilter said...

Great post nadia! Happy New Year!! I HOPE it IS a happy new year. My goodness, such tension!!! LOVE this post. You come up with he BEST ideas. I am too disorganized. I hope you continue to post your inspiring observations. Although I rarely reply, I always enjoy your blog and think of you often. Stay creative, well and safe, nadia!!

Nancy said...

Love your journaling! One day I'd like to learn more about drawing. Great cheerful colors. :)