Tuesday, August 28, 2018

June Zoomed By, Too

"Follow Your Bliss"

June's mantra pages were fun to do. 

As usual, my sketching was quick, but enjoyable to do.

We spent several days with the grandkids in Nabeul at the beach and visited ceramic shops. The many Russian tourists couldn't get enough sun and were mostly lobster red.

I am in love with my garden terrace. We have finally gotten the overhead jasmine and grape "ceiling" growing in the right direction and creating lots of shade...besides giving us some excellent organic grapes.
It's magic!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Then May Zoomed By

Looking back, May was such a pleasant month, with very pleasant temperatures.

I played around with watercolors in Joanne Sharpe's online class.

I managed to keep track of time...

and do some quick sketching.

I haven't shown my garden for awhile. 
I found an interesting branch that turned into the first of a wood folks series.

I gave him/her (?) a pink hat to go with the geraniums.

I regrouped some of my mosaic pots and replanted a couple of them.

Indeed, a pleasant month...

Saturday, August 4, 2018

April Zoomed By...

My day job consumes my day, and I instantly fall asleep with needle in hand in the evening...sigh...

However, art and creativity still structure my world. I added a frame with a quotation to a painting of my gate in my journal.

I attached the frame at the top of the page.

We took a short trip to Beja and Tabarka in northern Tunisia at the beginning of April. 

Everything was Spring green.

I felt like I was in another country. We sat in on an academic conference while there. Lovely trip.

And so, April zoomed by...