Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Summer Adventure

Maybe it's because of the heat (temperatures are still hanging around 100° F.) or maybe it's because summer is coming to an end, but, I felt a sudden urge to "fix" my bed quilt while gluing myself to the A/C.

This quilt has been on my bed for 20 years: the white lattice work looks a bit yellowed and at least one fabric is popping holes and shredding, while others have faded. 

A simple design, squares on point in a lattice, it now seems an appropriate metaphor for my life, for aging...

But wait! My quilt (like me) is certainly not going into retirement!

We're sprucing things up!

I began one corner with Jude Hill a number of years ago (the Diaries, maybe?), who had a wings theme going (and who is coming back to that theme, by the way). At the time, I thought more of Icarus, however, this has evolved into part of my aging series--the idea of life's wings shredding, filled with holes, yet beautiful. 

I am pleased that this regenerated corner has held up very well thanks to the added needle-turned fabric, embroidery and quilting.

In this new section, I first hand-stitched a wide purple layer (attached only at the middle third), then I needle-turned a square of new fabric into the middle.

I added a light purple fabric into the square (needle-turned), but have left the outer edges free.  

Now I am adding light fabrics underneath to cover the white lattice strips. I should have started with this step...maybe...of no importance...

Yes, I'm having fun despite the heat. Will I ever finish my utility quilt? No idea, but it gives me a sense of adventure. Soon I will be cutting into those pretty fabrics and going wild!

P.S.: Jodi asked to see my wall quilt in the previous post. I look at it every day and it gives me joy. These are the colors of Tunisia; these are the colors of my life.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Still Here...

Yes, I'm still here despite bumps in the road--like a 9-day severe heat wave (if only the temperature would drop to 90°!). In addition, the internet has been down for over a week, so I had to find a temporary solution. Amazing how attached we become to that magic box...

However, over all it has been an excellent summer. The Little People (who can now look me in the eye, not so little anymore) have come and gone, leaving an empty house. I have been cleaning up my studio, trying to keep up with my "Circus in D.C." journal. It would seem that those people don't believe in vacations.

I was thinking of doing a small sketch on fabric when I ran across my standing calendar. The rules I set for myself were simple--Be fast: no stitching, only glue, fabric and maybe pen or Inktense pencils.

I sketched several trees seen from my window, after gluing on fabrics. The calendar has a spot in my living room.

Gee, that was fast and fun!

Hope you've had a creative and exciting summer, too!