Needleturn Appliqué & Abstract Art Quilts

White28”x15”/71cm x 38cm, 6/2013, machine pieced, hand appliquéd & embroidered, back of harem cloth, no batt. Blog: 6/14/13.

White, against window.

Blue Flowers in My Garden (14"x16"/36cm x 41cm), April 2013, hand and machine appliquéd, hand and machine embroidered, machine quilted. 
Blog: 4/14/13.

Tunic, work in progress, Nov. 2012, hand appliquéd.
Revolution 2011: Order and Disorder, 41.5"x46"/105cmx117cm, Nov. 2011, hand appliquéd; machine appliquéd, pieced, and quilted.
Improvisation V, 48x45”/122cmx114cm, May 2000, hand appliquéd (labyrinth), machine pieced and quilted.

Seashells III, 40”x56 1/2”/1m  x 1m41, Dec. 1998, machine pieced, appliqued and quilted, Blog: 6/14/12.

Color Theme and Variations II, 46x37½/1m15 x 94 cm, Aug. 1998, machine pieced, appliqued and quilted.

Seashells V, 38½”x72”/96cm x 1m79, April 1998, machine pieced, appliqued, 
      and quilted, Blog : 6/10/11, 6/14/12.

Color Theme and  Variations I, 50x60/1m27 x 1m53, Oct. 1997, 
machine pieced, appliqued and quilted, Blog: 6/24/11.

Coral, 37½x54”/95 cm x 1m37, April 1997; hand appliquéed, machine pieced & quilted, some hand painted fabrics, Blog: 9/2/12.

Sand, Sea & Sky, 56x64½/1m40 x 1m62, March 1995, machine pieced & quilted, in PIQF-V 10/1996, Blog: 5/9/12.

Running With the Crowd, 37”x 40”/95cm x 1m01, 10/1994, hand appliquéed, machine appliquéed, pieced & quilted, Blog: 11/10/11.

Etude II, 54 ½ x 59 / 1m38 x 1m50, 1/1994, machine appliquéd, pieced & quilted, some hand-painted fabrics, Blog: 11/10/11.
Etude II, detail.

Improvisation II:  Où sont les tigres? Où sont les Hommes?
41½x 36½”/1m06x93cm, March 1993,
hand appliquéed, machine pieced and quilted, Blog: 10/14/12.

Improvisation I, 31x30”/77cm x 79cm, Jan. 1992, machine appliquéed and quilted, Blog: 10/14/12.

La Porte au Fond du Couloir, 41x43”/1m04 x 1m10; Nov. 1991, machine pieced and quilted, Blog: 11/10/11.

Etude I, 23½ ” x 23½ / 60cm x 60cm, Sept. 1991, hand appliquéed, machine pieced and quilted, Blog: 11/10/11.
Death of a Forest, 17 ½ x 23 / 44cm x 58cm, Aug. 1991, hand appliquéed & embroidered, machine pieced & quilted, Blog: 9/2/12.


Martha said...

These are stunning. I am riveted to Revolution 2011.

Carli The Quilter said...


Your site offers such intriguing little dities and story's that I completely missed this part of your blog until day! Wow, how refreshing your work is and I'm beginning to see that you work in multiple layers of reverse applique, but not all the time. Interesting work Nadia. Thanks so much for sharing.

Unknown said...

I just found your blog on a quilting blogger directory... and I am so glad I took the time to explore. Your work is beautiiful and compelling. Love it. Thanks for sharing your art.

Unknown said...

Amazing!!! Gorgeos quilts. I love the colors. So original!

Unknown said...

Unique! Beautifu quilts.

Teodo said...

Bellissimi, fantastic, wonderful. ciao