Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Inner Critic Speaks

The inner critic has been speaking loudly lately with the usual "This is the worst thing you've ever done." Most of the time, this does not disturb me because I know how to get beyond it, but, today, I think she's right.

I could not bend my mind around the inkblot assignment for Sketchbook Skool. Hated it. At first there was a face in the inkblots (left side). Hated it.  I was going to rip it out, but instead, kept going with some doodling. Hated it. I added gray watercolor on one side. Hated it. I added more line work. Hated it. I added some reddish scribbles. Hated it.

Then I realised that I was really describing my state of mind because I am battling corruption and filth on personal and professional levels. All the ugly, poisonous words poured out. I put the face back in-- maybe my face in the Acid Rain? Possibly. 

Then some friends came over and the mists dissipated for awhile. I went back to the paper towel with the original inkblots, sketched lightly onto it, and glued it on the right side. 

Maybe the worst is when slyness is equated to intelligence. Or maybe the worst is when people just don't think. Or maybe the worst is when people you know shrug and say they don't want to get involved...think of the consequences.

Well, yes, think of the consequences...
And yet, my blessings are many. I will not give up.
Such is the lesson of bad art.