Sunday, March 27, 2016

FINALLY, Good News

Yes, I can finally, finally announce good news. We are packing our bags and have a date for my husband's operation (endarterectomy) in Paris. We will soon be leaving.

I must say a heartfelt "Thank You" to all my friends: thank you for your moral and financial support. You have eased my burden considerably and the future is looking less bleak. You have given me the courage to persevere and to help my husband as best I can.

And so my thoughts turn to Paris...last December we were there to see the doctors, yet we managed a short "vacation." We tried to have some fun, which helped relieve some of our underlying anxiety. 
Besides some very slow walks along the Seine and in the Latin Quarter, we ate at some interesting restaurants.

We visited a couple of museums.
       The Fragonard exhibit at the Luxembourg Museum was beautifully set up.

Fragonard (18th century) was pretty race-y. I sketched a drawing that was relatively sedate--if you didn't read the title. Fragonard made the most of dramatic lighting and set nature into wild movement as a background for libertine "activities".

We walked through the gardens at the Rodin Museum where I managed to sketch a bit of one statue. A copy of the Thinker (sideways) was in the metro station (just time for a blind sketch). Rodin's distortions caught my eye--huge hands and feet, off-balance figures. Very daring and surprising.

A logo to encourage tourist spending tickled my funny bone.

This time around, I'll try to take in a few museums and do some urban sketching. But mostly, I'll be stitching on The Pomegranate Tree Quilt (particularly the wild weeds) while sitting in a hospital waiting room...waiting... 

Yes, there is yet another mountain to climb, but, we face the future with hope.

And at the risk of sounding repetitive, I must finish with a huge...