Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Busy August

In August, we took one of my granddaughters to Morocco. 
My collection of airport sketches continues to grow. 

The trip started with a bang!--when the baggage conveyor belt ran into the bottom of the airplane. The damage was sufficient to oblige passengers to get off the plane and wait 6 hours for another plane.

We finally made it to Agadir (on the Atlantic).

The gardens of Marrakech were stunning, especially considering the city is in the middle of a desert.

Fountains take center stage--the magic of water.

The Bahia Palace has wonderful tile work, interior gardens, and fountains. 

It was an enjoyable and memorable trip...

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


I could hear her panicked screech out in "the back 40." Back in my work room, I found her poking her finger through a hole in her favorite jeans.

"You gotta add another patch! I LUV these jeans!"

Now, I know holes in jeans are in style, but, this was an embarrassing hole. So I dug out the necessary fabric and stitched a simple patch.

Mission accomplished--jeans saved...until the next hole.

Friday, September 7, 2018

A Scorching July

Despite scorching temperatures in July, interesting things happened. I continued with Joanne Sharpe's online class, which resulted in cheerful mantra pages.

I managed to keep track of time.

For a cultural evening, I attended Verdi's Aïda at the Roman theater in Carthage. So I did blind sketches in the dark. 

Unfortunately, it was a poor performance.

We left at the intermission (first time I've ever done that!).

I went South to Djerba for a week with family members. 
Despite the heat (50° C.= 122°F.), it was an enjoyable vacation. Nice hotel, beautiful beach with a warm Mediterranean.

I enjoyed sketching the well-kept, beautiful camels and horses for tourists on the beach.

Camels fascinate me--they're so full of personality and have such interesting faces.

Thanks to the heat, I managed to do some stitching in my fabric journal as well. Basically, I was glued to the AC while just moving my fingers...