Friday, January 27, 2017

"A-Drawing-A-Day," Week 2

Week 2 was about making marks. I tried it on paper, then on fabric, using a Sharpie and permanent pens.
But of course, I had to slice into it-->

...and add some commercial fabric and some I painted with acrylics.

Then mark-making to draw an object-->

And mark making to form patterns.-->
This drawing made me realize the potential of Mr. M's ties (now collecting dust) for my series on retirement and aging. You may see them again.

Patterns I understand, however, this was a challenging way to form them--look at different marks and lines in magazines and put them together in new patterns. I'm particularly fond of the spaghetti.

Finally, a landscape using patterns made from mark-making. 
This is outside my kitchen door where lots of succulents grow.
An interesting week, despite the cold weather...

Sunday, January 22, 2017

"A-Drawing-A-Day", Week 1

While stitching the sky on the Pomegranate Tree, I'm also managing to keep up with Veronica Lawlor's on-line Sketchbook Skool class for January. 
Thick and thin lines.-->

<--Sinuous lines.

And lines that express emotion.-->

The cold, damp weather keeps me fairly housebound so it's easy to finish stuff inside. However, spring is right around the corner. The wildflowers and my apple tree's blossoms are ready to burst into bloom at the slightest increase in temperature. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Starting 2017 Gracefully, 4

My studio wraps itself around me and says "thank you for cleaning" every time I enter. This took awhile because my goal was to clean only one item a day, however, here we are half way through January and I can find everything in the drawing/art supplies half of the room                                                    -->           

<--and in the sewing side of the room.

On top of the chest of drawers is an antique Persian prayer rug, inherited from my grandmother.

Despite its threadbare state, the craftsmanship commands respect.

And I have no idea how my grandmother acquired it.

In the meantime, I attempted the first assignment for Veronica Lawlor's "A Drawing A Day" class in fabric after doing it on paper; a blind sketch of items on my (newly cleaned) desk.

Well, you know, a half-blind sketch. I had to look more often in order not to sew my fingers.

First, I sewed down some fabric pieces to help block out the composition of brushes, markers and pens 
The emphasis for the first week was on line--wild line! My little ol' Singer was (almost literally) smokin' by the time I finished--a very exhilarating way to draw!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Starting 2017 Gracefully, 3

D-e-e-p cleaning allows one to find things as well as get things organized. I have been following my "Finish it" rule into January. 

For example, I found an accordion sketchbook for which I had not yet made the covers. 

Now the covers are finished...

...which inspired me to prepare journaling pages for January using the same colors of Derwent Inktense pencils.

And I've got the Pomegranate Tree squared up--I am thankful for big square floor tiles. They made the job easier.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Starting 2017 Gracefully, 2

Sketchbook Skool offers Veronica Lawlor's on-line class "A Drawing a Day" for the month of January. As I appreciate her as a teacher and an artist, I signed up.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be getting back on my own path, however, Veronica offers a thoughtful look at the elements of drawing. This is useful to me at this time.

The first assignment was to take objects from your desk and arrange them into a still life....oh, my, I couldn't even find my desk because it was covered with mosaic materials and dust.

So I had to begin 2017 by doing some deeeeeep cleaning. 

My desk top now (I would be embarrassed to show you the "before" photo).

Needless to say, I'm pleased to have all the pens, brushes and other supplies organized.

And so I finally got to the (very loose) still life with lots to say... 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Starting 2017 Gracefully, 1

One should begin with a calendar...

Every year the post person brings by a calendar, for which we give a large tip. The calendar contains 5 pages of uninspiring photos, with 3 months per page and no place to write. 

Come to think of it, I've never seen big, convenient calendars to put on your refrigerator anyplace in Tunisia.

So every year I glue recycled computer paper onto the post office calendar and draw the months with plenty of space to keep track of it all.

This year, I decided to use some good quality watercolor paper. Well then, why not throw some watercolor paint on for backgrounds? And certainly, all those beautiful colors of Sharpie markers should be used for the lines. It begins with Monday, European style.

The Pomegranate Tree Quilt was at the top of the list for starting 2017 on the right foot. I put it on the bed and scrutinized it. I am pleased to say that the tree is just about finished.

This is going to be a tough baby to photograph because of size and detail. I'll have to use a bigger camera with a very large number of pixels, but, I'll figure that out when it's finished.

I hope 2017 has begun gracefully for you as well.