Political Art Quilts

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Revolutionary Boorish Boars, 20”x43”/50.5cmx110cm, 
Aug. 2012, Blog: 9/9/12.
Revolutionary Boorish Boars, detail.
Wolves--Revolutionary Boorish Boars, reverse side before back attached.

Post-Revolution in My Garden, 30"x13"/77cm x 34cm, hand and machine appliquéd, embroidered and quilted, Blog: 2-14-12. 

Revolution 2011: Order & Disorder, 41.5x46/105cmx117cm, 11/2011, hand appliquéd, machine pieced and quilted, Blog : 9/3/11.
Revolution 2011: Order & Disorder, detail.

The Pen, 36x50/ 90cm x 1m24, April 1996, hand embroidered, machine pieced & quilted, Blog: 7/22/11 & 7/29/11.    

War Games II, 79x 79 / 2m x 2m, Nov. 1995, machine embroidered, appliquéd, pieced & quilted, in PIQF-V 10/96, Blog: 6/3/11.
War Games I: A Sudy in Contradiction, 57 x 79” / 1m45 x 2m, Dec. 1995, Blog: 6/3/11.
War Games I: A Sudy in Contradiction, detail.

War Games I: A Sudy in Contradiction, detail.
Pandora's Box no. 91, 34 ½ x 29 ½  /75 cm x88cm, Oct. 1991, machine pieced, embroidered & quilted, commercial (used clothing) and handpainted fabrics, back pieced, Blog, 6/3/11.
Pandora's Box no. 91, detail.
Death of a Forest, 17 ½ x 23 / 44cm x 58cm, Aug. 1991, hand appliquéed & embroidered,machine pieced &  quilted, back worked, Blog : 9/2/12.

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Carli The Quilter said...

Wow, Nadia these are stunning work of art. A collection of your feelings and expression is noteworthy historically. Well done lifetime of work! And you still stitching!