Friday, January 6, 2017

Starting 2017 Gracefully, 1

One should begin with a calendar...

Every year the post person brings by a calendar, for which we give a large tip. The calendar contains 5 pages of uninspiring photos, with 3 months per page and no place to write. 

Come to think of it, I've never seen big, convenient calendars to put on your refrigerator anyplace in Tunisia.

So every year I glue recycled computer paper onto the post office calendar and draw the months with plenty of space to keep track of it all.

This year, I decided to use some good quality watercolor paper. Well then, why not throw some watercolor paint on for backgrounds? And certainly, all those beautiful colors of Sharpie markers should be used for the lines. It begins with Monday, European style.

The Pomegranate Tree Quilt was at the top of the list for starting 2017 on the right foot. I put it on the bed and scrutinized it. I am pleased to say that the tree is just about finished.

This is going to be a tough baby to photograph because of size and detail. I'll have to use a bigger camera with a very large number of pixels, but, I'll figure that out when it's finished.

I hope 2017 has begun gracefully for you as well.


Shannon said...

I'm always so excited to see pictures of your gorgeous pomegranate tree! Sorry you have such difficulty finding good calendars, but I love your pretty workaround! Happy New Year!

Ms. said...

Yours are beautiful--fortunately my friend who gives many donations to a variety of earth and animal causes always has spare calendars to give away so I've got mine and there is room to write or I'd be lost.

Radka said...

I am just amazed by your pomegranate tree! It is so beautiful! I remember your first drawings ......
Some things just can't be rushed.
Have a good year!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a wonderful idea for using those ugly calendars that we all seem to be given!