Friday, September 7, 2018

A Scorching July

Despite scorching temperatures in July, interesting things happened. I continued with Joanne Sharpe's online class, which resulted in cheerful mantra pages.

I managed to keep track of time.

For a cultural evening, I attended Verdi's Aïda at the Roman theater in Carthage. So I did blind sketches in the dark. 

Unfortunately, it was a poor performance.

We left at the intermission (first time I've ever done that!).

I went South to Djerba for a week with family members. 
Despite the heat (50° C.= 122°F.), it was an enjoyable vacation. Nice hotel, beautiful beach with a warm Mediterranean.

I enjoyed sketching the well-kept, beautiful camels and horses for tourists on the beach.

Camels fascinate me--they're so full of personality and have such interesting faces.

Thanks to the heat, I managed to do some stitching in my fabric journal as well. Basically, I was glued to the AC while just moving my fingers...


SewTypical said...

Love your blog and little art pieces!
You inspire me to do something, too.

:-) Chris

Els said...

Ahhhh it was HOT there too ...
(of course !!!)
Temperature is back to normal now and we have rain again)
Love your camels Nadia !!!

LA Paylor said...

glorious as always. Your statement, managing to go tot he opera in Carthage just points out how boring my life seems!

The Idaho Beauty said...

What a delightful colorful post! Those blind sketches came out remarkably well - too bad the performance didn't. Your sketches overall seem to have taken a leap - the camel ones in particular are wonderful.

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Norma Schlager said...

Your sketching is beautiful, as always. Love those camels!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh - I LOVE those camels!!! Each one has so much personality.