Friday, August 17, 2018

Then May Zoomed By

Looking back, May was such a pleasant month, with very pleasant temperatures.

I played around with watercolors in Joanne Sharpe's online class.

I managed to keep track of time...

and do some quick sketching.

I haven't shown my garden for awhile. 
I found an interesting branch that turned into the first of a wood folks series.

I gave him/her (?) a pink hat to go with the geraniums.

I regrouped some of my mosaic pots and replanted a couple of them.

Indeed, a pleasant month...


O'Quilts said...

My you are. I have been thinking of sending you an email to see if you were still hanging in there....Glad for your post

Magpie's Mumblings said...

May is always one of my favourite months - filled with promise of things to come and a shedding of the cold miserable winter months. The colours of May are always so spectacular too - so many different shades of green in the trees and the brilliance of the flowers. Your paintings reflect those colours!

Florence said...

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