Saturday, March 3, 2018

My Day Job

My Day Job has taken over my life.
"And what is your Day Job?" you might ask.
Answer: Tree Climber. Yes, as I get younger and younger, I'm doing more and more "kids' stuff," making it hard for me to keep up with blogging. Here I am, perching in a lemon tree. This Day Job forces me to s-t-r-e-c-h, everyday.---->

However, I have managed some sketching.

And, some stitching on my utility quilt.

Thanks to Joanne Sharpe's on-line class, I've kept up with art journaling for February.

Lots of bright colors for this short month.

I've managed to keep track of my time.

It is Springtime in Tunisia. I enjoy the wonderful weather of this season. You'll find me perching in a tree!


Radka said...

Oh, we need some bright colour right now! :-)
Be careful up that tree!

Bonnie said...

When my son was very small we used to ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He would always answer "a tree climber". We would ask him what he would do once he got up in the tree. And he would say "think, of course". Today he has a PhD in chemistry and has started a booming new business with some fellow "tree climbers"! Ha!! Enjoyed reading your blog!

Nancy said...

Love the bright colors! Such a celebration of life!
I haven't climbed a tree in Years! I'd probably hurt something lol. But as a kid, I lived in the front yard trees :)
Have you ever read this book? I really enjoyed it and learned so much.
Take care, Nancy

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Climbing trees - a good talent to have if you're not afraid of heights! I think I'll stay on the ground and just enjoy seeing your colourful art.

Susan said...

Tree climbing can give you a new perspective on many things. I love your colorful notes, they are inspiring.

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Climbing trees is something I like very much in childhood.


Adele Thomas said...

What a joy to see some lovely bright colours! =D