Sunday, July 30, 2017


Ahhh, vacation: heat, the beach, visiting family. The little people are here for awhile although they can now almost look me in the eye...not so little anymore. 

Following the Circus in D.C. so closely, I've been thinking about labels, classifications, organization. How does one get beyond all the hateful rhetoric? And so I've turned to boxes, once again, as a format. My answer: turn the boxes inside out, upside down, take them apart, make them become something else.

Awhile ago, I undid my decorated boxes dating from the 1990s, 

and glued them into a sketchbook to preserve them, sometimes adding to the design.

I guess it was the tiny box that contained a small lock that made me want to do this again. It was such a "cute" little box...and so I doodled on it with a black pen and then added cheerful colors (Prismacolor pencils).

And then a toothpaste box crossed my path--it had such a tempting shape. Now to add color.

These two new boxes will find their way into the sketchbook. I like the idea of design on the box and extending beyond the box onto the page as well. 

I suppose I like playing with this sort of thing because it reminds me of those math problems we had in geometry where you had to figure out what sort of box the laid out shape would make...remember those? A time when things seemed simple and straight-forward. Maybe boxes are a way to create order out of chaos...


Martha said...

I too am drawn to the geometry of these pieces. Wonderful!

Mary said...

I am always amazed at your creativity and the way you can reuse the most humble of materials.

Ms. said...

As a child, I was always wary of the circus clowns. There's solace if not solution for such menacing entertainments in making art. Yours is always uplifting.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Would that a certain person in DC could be put in a box!! I wouldn't waste pretty ones such as yours on him though.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I would never have thought to undo boxes! I LOVE the idea of it though.