Friday, December 9, 2016

Unplugged 2

Life has become simpler now that I've limited my use of the internet. I don't even turn on the computer until late afternoon and only check FB once every few days.

I use the computer as a music box--admittedly youtube has some wonderful music. Lately, I listen to piano jazz and jazz trios (Marion McPartland, Bill Evans, Vince Guaraldi, etc.) and my favorite, Stephane Grappelli (jazz violinist). Easy on the ears, good background music.

If you haven't found the lists of the "Open Culture" site (here), it's a wonderful source of good books, music, and film in the public domain--the classics, with links to audio books, and so much more. I have trouble finding time to read as stitching is time-intensive work, however, the audio books solve this problem for me. Right now, I'm "reading" The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells. Very enjoyable. 

In line with my "Finish It" and organize policies to end the year, I created book covers for old loose leaf sketches and pulled the whole mess together with Coptic Stitch bookbinding.  

I knew all that cardboard that I've been collecting would be useful for hard book covers eventually.

While organizing, I am also going through a "digestive" period--trying to absorb all the material I've collected in sketchbooks in order to consider fabric interpretations.

Subjects for rumination from the old sketches:

or animals,

or still lifes.

Or is that "still lives"?


Janet M. Atwill said...

You are the most "omni-" talented human being I've ever met.

Nifty Quilts said...

Your mostly unplugged lifestyle sounds very good. I, too, limit my use of Facebook. Thanks for the tip about Open Culture. I also like to listen to books--it's multitasking, but not the stressful kind. The book covers are wonderful!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Really love these covers!

Bonnie Hull said...

Nice drawings as usual Nadia. Thanks for the good wishes...knee doing fine. The usual cold Oregon rainy winter with me only on the interenet a little...don't look at FB anymore...more on Instagram...hope you and your family are safe and festive. xxoo Bonnie

Ms. said...

I'm so very fond of Stephane Grapelli

Nice end of year wrap up and reconsidering.

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's great that you limit internet use. I've never warmed to FB. Your book covers are wonderful. and I love your drawings, I like the way they are a visual diary of moments.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Your sketching is all so beautiful, I would not be able to choose what to stitch first! Fortunately it's not my problem. LOL! I like those sketchbook covers, too.