Monday, December 12, 2016

A Recycled Journal

Continuing my end-of-year organizing and finishing spree, I made covers for an old day planner (from a bank) that I used for Sketch Club. The title refers only to the fact that it was saved from the trash--the content is not off-color in anyway, just experimental.

And so, I continue ruminating during this "digestive" period. Lots of things please me in this still lifes and the fruits-from-my-garden theme.

Playing with line and color (watercolors, usually) rank high on my list as well. 
Blind sketches are appealing to me. 

And sometimes, I like my "ordinary" drawings.

I've probably explored pomegranates enough for a lifetime considering I'm finally finishing the Pomegranate Tree Quilt after five years. 

Mostly the wilder stuff intrigues me. I can see some themes and ideas taking shape, some interesting possibilities. And that's the nice thing about starting a new year--there are so many possibilities....

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Stitching Lady said...

Thank you, Nadja, for showing your sketches -I admire them - I wish you and yours a happy Christmas (do you celebrate it?) and a healthy New Year full of inspirations and time for creating.