Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jeans Mama, 2

The hole in Mr. M's old jeans got stitched down and the white threads were couched.

It was quite a tangle for awhile

Then, the repair just kept growing up.



                  And down.-->
Until it was finished.

I asked Mr. M if he would like to model his jeans for the photo shoot. He scoffed. Fine with me. I had no intention of letting him wear them anyway.

So I got out my long denim coat from Istanbul and "posed" in the garden.

The jasmine is going crazy.

The pomegranate trees are turning a bright yellow.

And a final closeup.
I had a good time on this adventure. 
I was dazzled.
Ah, yes, there is much to be thankful for. 


Mo Crow said...

love your wild needle turning & they look great on!

The Idaho Beauty said...

They came out so fabulous! I really did see Mr. wearing them so I laugh loudly that you have absconded with them. I don't blame you, you look very chic, hip, whatever. I LOVE the look with the denim jacket. You rock!

KhadijaTeri said...

Oh masha'allah! The jeans came out great and you look fabulous in them. We are enjoying Tunisian pomegranate here in Libya these days. They're selling Egyptian pomegranates too but no one wants to buy them because they are so bitter. I've planted a few trees of the Tunisian variety on our land, but they are still not producing yet. Keep creating! I enjoy seeing what you are up to.

Cate Rose said...

Truly amazing work. You deserve you wear them after all that painstaking effort! Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. Hugs.

Ms. said...

What a gem.......just right for you too. I'm thankful for your artistry. It's nothing short of inspiring. May your day be full of delights and welcome surprises (I reposted this from last year and it contains one short poem and one very short story...though story #3 never made it from the notebook to the page, I offer what there is with love:

blandina said...

Another amazing work of art, you are a magician!

Carol said...

Guessn you think I fell off of the earth; but I have still been reading your blog in awe. Honey Luv has Dementia and I have not taken time to comment; but the jeans are just wonderful. You out did yourself again. I just had to let you know. xoxo

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What an incredible re-make! Can't imagine why Mr. M wouldn't want to model them.

Norma Schlager said...

Your jeans are amazing and you certainly deserve to wear them. They look very chic with the denim coat.

Linda M said...

Love the jeans!

ric78 said...

Tunis ist die Hauptstadt von Tunesien.
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