Saturday, October 29, 2016

Jeans Mama

Until I went to college I suffered from the rule that only boys could wear jeans to school. How fair was that? Why did boys get all the good stuff--like taking shop rather than home ec? (Well, if you understand basic feminist ideas, you can answer that question yourself.)

The inevitable happened: the day I went to college I donned the uniform of the 1970s--jeans. In addition, working with fabric has given me a deep respect for denim, especially old denim. None of those new-fangled stretchy jeans for me.

Consequently, I can't bear to toss out old jeans. I have a nice collection on my studio shelves, besides stacks of jeans that are still wearable in the closets. 

I've used up a little bit of my collection in purses. 

The last few days have been errand days...groceries, waiting rooms, eating out and socializing. 

Yesterday, I felt kind of uninspired to create (a rare occurrence) and empty... couldn't even pick up a needle. 

The Pomegranate Tree wasn't speaking to me, even though I have been working diligently around the edges. 

This morning I ran across a pair of Mr. M's old jeans that needed a repair. I tried them on...they were oh, so soft. They spoke to me. 

Then I remembered a young woman I had seen a couple days ago in a restaurant. Very stylish, wearing jeans that were thoroughly ripped on the front and only held together by the back! Hmmf--scandal! Think of all the possible, beautiful repairs one could do...

Which brings me back to Mr. M's jeans. I asked him if he wanted them repaired in the standard, discreet way. He said I could have them...ahhhh, the possibilities. I went digging in my fabrics.

Here's what's sitting on my sewing machine table right this minute...and I feel so energized! 

I'll be able to get back to the Pomegranate Tree tonight with a light heart and hand...once I get started mending that hole!

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Stitching Lady said...

So the muse kissed again -sometimes it is lasting a bit but then..... and the old Mr.'s jeans - they look exactly like my Mr.'s ones. and, ha, he wants the gap because it is modern, says he! 😂 And he is a grandfather of a soon twen, the oldest.

Mary said...

I'm intrigued. Looking forward to seeing where this takes you.

Anonymous said...

I remember my horror the first time my daughter wanted to slash holes in NEW jeans! Have fun. claire

Els said...

Laugh about your eagerness to start mending the jeans :
YES! GO, girl !

Ms. said...

I wish I could send my stack of jeans to you but the postage would be ginormous so they will soon go off to the thrifts. None need mending but I can no longer tolerate any constriction in the middle and so....because I'm not stitching these days who knows why (I was never much of a stitcher anyway)....they will leave the premises. I love that Pomegranate in process. Your work is truly fine.

LA Paylor said...

oh, so we grew up together... I went through school having to wear skirts, of a certain length, then allowed pants suits so I was no stranger to jeans my last year when we were allowed. I embroidered mine.LeeAnna

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have the same memory of not being allowed to wear jeans to school. At the time I couldn't buy jeans to fit me anyway...being blessed with 36" inseams meant that anything I wore were waaaay too short. I can still remember how I felt when I finally got a pair that actually was long enough.

Miss Linny said...

The first quilts I made were from my children's out-grown jeans and woollen coats about 20 years ago. I made them for my English Cocker Spaniel. I made dozens of them because he liked to bury them in the garden! Some were never seen again. Although he's long gone to Puppy Heaven I still have half a dozen or so of those quilts. I now have the company of 2 stray cats who prefer Minky-type blankets so I make Linus quilts instead, although not out of old jeans!
Regards from cold and wintery England

O'Quilts said...

Dear Brave One....Jeans...I say, whatever it takes to get you going again!!