Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sea, Sand, and Sun, 3

It's no secret, I'm not  in my best element at the beach. I tomato (yes, "tomato" is a verb in my world). No chance of a tan.
However, Mr. M. spent his youth on the beach as soon as the weather allowed, since he grew up very close to the Mediterranean. He LUVs the beach, so I agreed to go with him for a day at Korba (beach town an hour and a half South of us).
I did thumbnail sketches on the way down with a ballpoint pen and colored pencils.

True, there was a pleasant sea breeze keeping the temperature down and I did enjoy one 15 minute dip, more or less.

Most of the time, I sat in my folding chair under the parasol and sketched people as discreetly as possible. Why this man was trying to fix his bait and fish on a crowded beach beats me. Seemed dangerous to me...

Then there was the sleeping baby with his mother...full sun...seemed unreasonable to me as well...

Hmmmm...people watching.

Eventually, I got fed up and switched to stitching. I think I am becoming the Reluctant Sketcher again.

Instant calm as I worked on a red on black piece in the Book of Etudes. The lobster red was a fairly accurate description of my skin when I ran out of sun screen...sigh.

Here's the problem: I have accumulated a good deal of material in my sketchbooks and I'm beginning to itch to express that into something larger (maybe life-size?) in fabric. I need to digest and then reflect on it all and interpret it into my own visual vocabulary.

Paper is beginning to annoy me. 
I think I lost Nadia someplace over the last couple of years. 
Anyone seen her around?

Linked to Nina Marie's "Off the Wall Friday."


Connie Rose said...

I love where that black/white/red piece is going. And sheesh, I didn't realize you've had another blog with daily-ish postings. I've just subscribed to that as well. Hugs.

quiltedfabricart said...

Ha! Great post! You have me giggling:-) sounds like the perfect day to me (minus the tomatoe skin that is)

O'Quilts said...

We women do get lost as we age in the love and fear of life...I so know that I am trying to recreate the old Diane...alas, she is gone. It is the Phoenix that has come and an entirely new Diane emerging...Ah..such is life.!! xxoo

Sarah Martin said...

Such charming sketches. When we find Nadia, let's ask if she has our beach umbrella!! I hate getting sunburned!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You haven't been lost - just a little misplaced because of all the trauma in your life over the past while. The mind does what it must to survive and you've had more than your fair share to deal with. I wouldn't be a beach person either - I can't sit in the sun or I break into little itchy blisters. Give me the shade every time (much as I love summer).