Monday, September 8, 2014

Grandma's Boot Camp: The Bardo, 2

Campers at Grandma's Boot Camp delighted in getting away from camp for an excursion. The Bardo Museum in Tunis houses one of the largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world--a wonder to see. 
One large hall contains mosaics of Roman houses in Tunisia, each one the size of the wall. To get such detail, the pieces of mosaic are minute.

Note the soulful look of the bull.

From the chained dog in front of his doghouse in the upper right corner to the elegant woman choosing jewellery in the bottom row, this sophisticated mosaic exudes human activity.
And of course, complex borders (to die for) frame each work.
This one is particularly interesting for the horse, and for the woman spinning with a drop spindle on the left.
For those interested, click to enlarge and read the information given by the museum about Roman houses.
The subject is dear to my heart as there was a Roman house in a field behind us. My Roman-rock plant table is proof. Recycling at its best.

And then, back in the States, my eldest granddaughter is studying Rome in school. However, she's too embarrassed to tell the teacher about what she has visited...ahhh, teenagers!


Silvana Vituriano Celistre said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful images !!!!

Bouts Choisis said...

Those are absolutely wonderful mosaics! Amazing - I'd love to see them. Lynne.

Erin Winslow aka Itsbugart said...

Why is she embarassed? She could do a great school project!

Martha Wolfe said...

It's been a long time….today is my mosaic day - just went through many photos of friends trip to Turkey. How amazing! RIch and inspiring. Your granddaughter will never forget the experience, and the fact that they are studying it will only reinforce the memory. Hope all is well there!

Julie Fukuda said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely mosaics. In this age of "Out with the old and in with the new", it is refreshing that those have been spared for future generations to be inspired.

Timelesslady said...

What an amazing rock table. I want one...hmmm...Autumn here...maybe next year. Blessings.