Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Garden 2014

As spring warms up to summer, a flurry of activity in the garden will keep me busy for the next couple weeks. This week the "nursery" plants clamored to go out into the adult plant world, so I extended a number of areas in the kitchen patio.
I still haven't got lions at my gate, however, I added small plastic pots of succulents to fill things out.
The view that greets me every morning from my kitchen door:
On the left side, I added more rocks and an old filled cement block. This side requires plants that can resist high temperatures. The afternoon sun in the summer is deadly.
I am pleased to say that the plant table looks like a jungle
 and the bidet has all but disappeared.
The Rock Family has a new stack-of-stones-kid (on the right).
Ma Rock holds Baby Rock and the 3 stack-of-stones-kids are lined up. Bibi comes along and knocks off their heads occasionally. 

On the exterior patio wall, more heat-resistant plants. The hot pink geraniums like to show off their brilliant blooms to irritate the succulents, I suspect.
New additions along the staircase include a filled cement block with a pebbly effect, rock stacks and new plants in soda bottles...waiting for transplants to mosaic pots (someday).
Another view.
Going up the steps, I've added small pots in between the big pots which are not yet very visible. I do love that lineup of mosaic pots.
And out in front, my babies, my pomegranate trees, are decked out in spring green and getting ready to blossom. Most of them are now six to seven feet (teenagers). 
So, although my mosaic production has been limited, my garden keeps growing, keeps me busy, and provides me with exercise...and pleasure.


Radka said...

I love the look of your "jungle"! and I have always liked your mosaic pots.

Mo Crow said...

that hard white light is extraordinary!

Carol said...

I just love it all. I am concentrating this year on putting some more character to my existing garden. You have some great ideas that I'd like to emulate.

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh,for a fraction of that space! I love the plants and the rocks.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You have a wonderful garden! I love all the succulents you have. I've tried to grow them in the house but end up managing to kill the poor things (most likely death by drowning).

Connie Rose said...

All your plants look so wonderful!!

Alicia Key said...

It must take you hours to get the all watered! Gorgeous plants. Around here, plants have trouble surviving if they're not "food". Hubby waters them if they're food, I forget to water mine (the not food ones) but I'm trying again with one African Violet and...I haven't killed the airplane plant yet. It's a year old now! lol

Tonya Ricucci said...

gorgeous. I don't suppose you can just let the rain water them. hahahah.

Sujata Shah said...

A perfect marriage of hard and soft textures! I loved seeing these photographs! Your view from the window is breath-taking. It's a gift to be busy in the gardens and only a gardener knows that :)

arlee said...

oh *(&^*&&& am i jealous :) i envy your garden and growing zone very very much

Jodi said...

wonderful mosaic pots and succulents. I just about killed a basil plant this weekend because I thought it could stand a day out in the sun - too much too soon, i guess! Your patio/yard areas look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I've been poking around in the garden too today. There are days that I wish that was all I had to do with my life!. I'll be in Tunis for one day next week (for work), but unfortunately not long enough for me to meet up with you. Insha'allah next time I will be able to add a few days to my visit.. travel for work sounds glamorous... but unfortunately it's not. I've got to hurry back home as my kids have upcoming exams.

Els said...

wow quit a show Nadia !!!
Love all your jungles ;-) and enjoy the colours !