Thursday, April 10, 2014

Proctoring Midterms

I have a new appreciation for Jean-Paul Sartre, existentialist philosophy, and The Absurd. It is the end of the semester and I was finally given a date for midterm exams (all sections have to do them at the same time, I can't decide this alone). Go figure.
So I squeezed in some stitching between classes and some fast sketching. I have a few prepared pages in my planner (about 3"x6"). 

The nice thing about having my planner/sketchbook always in my purse is that sometimes I record interesting bits of life that would usually be forgotten. Case in point (during exams):

"Doctor, Doctor. My father is calling me. 
    Can I go out and take it?" 
"How do I know you won't cheat?"
"You can come and listen." [What?]
"And why isn't your phone off?"
"It's on vibrate."
"ABSOLUTELY NOT! [howling rage of the professor who is turning beet red in the face and frothing at the mouth] This is cause for going in front of the disciplinary committee!"

Shoot me!


Nat Palaskas said...

Hi Nadia, I enjoy reading your thought and description of your daily life. Be able to draws and doodles is a great gift! Hugs Nat

Janet M. Atwill said...

I don't know one teacher who is in a good mood this week!

Julie Fukuda said...

Makes me think the "good old days" were even better than I thought.
Love the sketches.

Kahna said...

This is hilarious because I know exactly what happens to my dear mother when she gets angry: Your face turns bright red (you start looking like your father on a bright sunny day, although he had a bright red tomato face even in December!) and around your mouth becomes white as snow. Implement my policy: your cell phone goes off in class, you make chocolate chip cookies for the entire class the next time we meet. In Tunisia, you can make them bring the class a kg. of baqlawa.