Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Odd Bit of Creativity

Lately, my playtime has been limited to the few minutes I manage to grab here and there. I feel like a pressure cooker without the safety valve, so any odd project serves to give me a few creative moments of relief. 

 An unused planner--OK, it dated from 2001, but, still brand-new--found its way into the garbage. I fished it out to consider the possibilities of recycling it because my purse sketchbook will soon be full.

It's a well-organized planner (isn't that reassuring?) with all kinds of subdivisions that I don't need like "Communication," "Projects," and "Expenses." (OK, maybe I should use the "Projects" section for my To-Do-List.)

What really caught my attention was the compact size that fit in my hand and the telephone section at the back with extra pages to insert. I mulled it over for several days...

I've been putting all kinds of information in my sketchbook (at least I know where the information is) including phone numbers. I need a better system when I'm out and about. What if the planner could do double duty?

So I glued cheap water color paper to one side of the pages to sketch upon and kept one side with lines to allow for text...or additional sketching. 

The page size will require small work, but, I managed to get around 50 pages with the glued watercolor paper.

Then the hole in the front cover (for a small calculator since lost) required a creative solution.

I dug around in my sack of labels, which I have collected for 30 years (and have never used), and found some interesting words.

I regret I didn't use the two watches as eyes--didn't see it...(ha-ha-ha).

Rules for playtime: 
1. Use only tiny scraps in scrap bag.
2. No pinning allowed--just sew it down on the machine.
3. No hand stitching allowed--just sew it down on the machine.
4. One hour time limit.

5. Neither pretty nor ugly, just useful. NO EXPECTATIONS.

That was fun. I LUV my new planner/sketchbook. I almost feel organized, and definitely energetic and serene! Recycling at its best.

And for those who celebrated the fasting month of Ramadan, I wish you a Happy Eid with your loved ones.


Cate Rose said...

Sweet, and great recycling job! I used to love using planners when I worked and was more career-oriented. Now that I no longer work at a job, I use a free annual calendar I get at any of the local shops in December.
Hope things are well for you these days. Hugs.

Linda A. Miller said...

Love how your channel your creative time!

Diane Wright said...

Very clever and creative...tip comes at the perfect time. I'm taking a break midst clearing/cleaning studio and unearthing so much that I'd long forgotten. Now I'll not toss that un-used notebook/calendar/planner. Thanks.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a great idea! I wouldn't have thought of gluing watercolour paper to the pages so they could be repurposed.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

As usual Nadia, you have come up with an attractive, creative way to use what you have and make it work beautifully!

Janet M. Atwill said...

I love your rules!

Nancy said...

What a great idea! Since 1971 I have used the free purse size calendars that the Hallmark card company makes. I have always insisted that if I needed a day planner, that my life was way to busy (happens I just told my daughter this story today!)
However, your creative re-purposing makes one seem appealing for the first time!

Bonnie Hull said...

I LOVE this...nothing more satisfying than creative re-use, even better when it looks good too!! xo

Anonymous said...

i love how creative you are with your upcycling ;) and your rules are just right, enough for focus, but light enough to not make hang ups...
all good wishes
singing bird

Martha said...

I too love your rules. There is a strong need to create and it can be frustrating to push it down. Your rules are actually provide a guilt-free structure to play and create. Thanks.

BTW, I've been trying my hand at free-form reverse applique, inspired by your wonderful pieces.

Carole Reid said...

Simple guiding rules and simple tools..... a marvellous project! Have fun, Nadia. xo Carole

Margaret Cooter said...

The looseleaf format is great for being sble to machine sew on sketchbook pages ... I'm going to try it!