Sunday, September 23, 2012

Visiting Friends, Part 4

After visiting Tennesse last April, I headed West with a swing by Kentucky to visit my blogging friend, June, of A Creative Dreamer. After a wonderful lunch and a     l-o-n-g chat we parted ways and I headed West to Oregon.
As it worked out, I went to Salem, Oregon on my birthday where I first had coffee with blogger Janaé who works and teaches at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest. She makes wonderful handbags, as well as quilts, and also dishes out good sewing advice. Well worth a visit.
           Then I met up with Bonnie. Let me demonstrate how small the world really is. Bonnie is Nifty’s (of Nifty Quilts) sister-in-law. Nifty attended my high school in Salem, but was a couple of years behind me and my brother remembers her. Bonnie’s husband is a retired professor from Willamette University and knew my father who also taught there. To top it all off, Bonnie knew my mother and a number of people I knew from Willamette. Yes, blogland is an amazing place ! 

So Bonnie invited me to see her house, studio and quilts. 

As she and her husband are both artists, their home is an art gallery--except better.

Her lovely garden would make a good setting for my pots. Wish I could've brought some along. 

The neighbors agreed not to put up a fence, which gives the impression of a luxury of space. 

Bonnie's art studio is nestled back in a corner of the garden and there she creates lovely prints, drawings and paintings. 

However, I like her sewing/quilt room best.
            Notice the red/pink corduroy quilt she did for Nifty's challenge last year. 
                Here are just a few of her beautiful quilts.

An unusual red and white design, among my favorites. Who doesn't like red and white quilts?


         Also among my favorites, Bonnie's leaf quilt on which she was working.

And on her design wall, colorful log cabin blocks.

                          Need I say? It was a wonderful birthday. 
And so, thank you, June, Janaé, and Bonnie for welcoming me into your lives.


Bonnie Hull said...

OMG...Nadia what a wonderful and kind piece you wrote on my work! I was over on Nifty's blog and saw my fireplace in the thumbnails...HUH?? Sunday surprise for sure. Still thinking of our fun visit and STILL using milliner's needles. Many thanks..xxxooo

artymess said...

Nadia what a lovely post ...really enjoyed visiting too ...xx

Mary Keasler said...

How delightful to see Bonnie's wonderful works in her home. I am anxious for a personal visit myself. (hint hint, Bon)

O'Quilts said...

Very interesting post. Of course I liked the boar one too! And then, the pot ones are good...keep it up..u bring smiles..

Sujata Shah said...

Nadia, I enjoyed this post very much. I adore Bonnie, I still have to meet her person. This was truly a wonderful way to see lot of her work in one place. Thank you!

Rachaeldaisy said...

How wonderful to meet Bonnie. Such wonderful quilts! I always enjoy seeing people's studios and what a beautiful garden.

Ms. said...

..and might I add a belated Bonne Natale dear Nadia--may you always be as young as you feel, and may you feel well no matter how old you are. It must be nice to get a break from the Tunesian tussles and troubles. The quilts, home and garden are enviably lovely.

Radka said...

So much lovely hand quilting :-) I love the leaf quilt! Thank you for sharing.x

Fabraholic said...

You have some lovely friends Nadia; take good care of them! That leaf quilt is so inspiring!

janae king...sewing patterns said...

Thanks for the shout out, Nadia! And for showing Bonnie's fun house. Hope you are doing good!

joanna said...

oh wow! these quilts are amazing! It's nice to see other artists' studios and their work. Wonderful pics Nadia.
Thank you for sharing and your visit :))

Linda’s Textiles said...

What a lovely place to visit - very talented friends you have. Hope all is well with you.

Quilteuse Forever said...

Quelle chance d'avoir rencontré ces artistes ! Je ne connaissais pas leurs blogs mais je suis une "follower" enthousiaste de Nifty Quilts !

libbyquilter said...

beautiful house and garden and you're right like a gallery only better because you can feel the love within the spaces.

i like that leaf quilt too. simple applique, simple piecing but very dramatic efffect.