Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog

I confess, I’ve resisted blogging for awhile. Who wouldn’t? Don’t we have enough to do? And more technology to learn? But then I came across the “$600 Throwaway House” (“RateMySpace,” HGTV), which led me to “The Dilettante Proprietor” blog. Lisa took a junk heap and has made it into a marvelous home with a gorgeous garden on a limited budget. It all sounded so familiar, to start with almost nothing and a dream, and build it into something—I was hooked. From there I discovered art quilt blogs and home décor blogs and mosaic blogs and the list is endless. I began to see the possibilities.
I played with my blog design, savoring the visual aspect and lingering over the choice of words and photos. Finding a name proved difficult as so many are already taken. “GoneToPieces” was my first choice, but it had been claimed so I tested others. Ultimately, “MulticoloredPieces” expresses well enough the idea of my life as a mosaic of activities about which I am passionate. 
The blog background is a detail of “Improvisation I” (Jan. 1992, 31” x 30”). I couldn’t bear to part with the scraps of velvet, satin, silk, and brocade from a huge project, “Flowers for Abou Jihad” (Nov. 1993, 79”x79”) that took several years to complete. The improv was machine pieced and quilted, and provided a welcome change from “Flowers,” for which I forced myself to use a repeating pattern. 
If you look at it long enough, it begins to move! I intended to send “Flowers” to the International Quilt Festival at Houston, but it ended up several inches over the maximum size. Someone asked me why I didn’t simply cut off the sides to get the correct size. Ouch! 
In the end, a work takes over and has its own voice. "Flowers" is machine pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, and quilted. When viewed together, these two artworks represent a reflection on life: dark and light, order and disorder, discipline and improvisation.


Lisa said...

I have to say...THANK YOU! I think I felt like that a few times...but I love my blog and all my friends that I have made in my journey! I am also thankful to have been led here! WHAT and adventure you are having! I cannot wait to read more! I confess...I had to look up! I am so glad you decided to blog and I am so happy you like The Dilletante!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Lisa! More to come...

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm Lola from Spain. Love to have found your blog. Enjoy a lot reading your posts.
I felt the same about blogging, had my doubts, but to find similar spirit people and so much cretivity such as yours is conforting to me.
Feel glad you decided to share your creative life with us.
Love the colors in your work and the fabrics.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

I too debated about blogging for quite awhile as my time is already so booked. Reading other blogs eventually inspired me to venture out there & it's been a lot of fun. Your Flowers quilt is absolutely lovely!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Thank you so much for visiting me. Of course I had to come and see you, too. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures and your beautiful art work and renovations.