Friday, April 28, 2017

A Nice Week

Mid-April, we thought Mr. M. was going to have some bad news because of some unexplained symptoms. I sketched in the doctor's waiting room.

At Sketch Club, I drew my sketching buddy's geraniums, now in full bloom. Helped to keep me calm.

Then I celebrated a big birthday. 

<--Oh, my gosh, how did this happen????

Coincidentally, we went to see a hematologist for Mr. M.

The news was good as we finally have a diagnosis that explains all the health issues, and better yet, a treatment to get things under control.

We ate out to celebrate everything.
And then we went home and Mr. M. had severe indigestion--from eating out. Well, it was still a nice day.

But isn't it all so geriatric? 
Now, a good birthday entails good news from the doctor!


O'Quilts said...

Ha ha ha...yup on the geriatric thing. At least you got some good news for now.
I will be 70 at Christmas. I am thinking of having a halfway party in June, just in

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Good news from a doctor is always a good thing - no matter the day it happens. Happy belated birth day to you and happy to hear that Mr. M. is doing well.

Els said...

Happy belated birthday, Nadia ! (don't worry too much :
it doesn't hurt too much ... I know for six years now ;-) !)

The best present was a good diagnosis and solutions for Mr. M
All the best to you two !

(ahhhhh why are sóme doctors such insensitive jerks .....)

Cate Rose said...

Happy Birthday Nadia! So glad Mr. M's hematologist answered the questions and provided a solution -- that's the way medical care is supposed to be.

I'm three years ahead of you in age, and geriatric doesn't happen these days until you're 85! Sixty-five is the new 45 or 50. Enjoy it!


Doris Perlhuhn said...

Belated Happy birthdaygreetings Nadia! I had to laugh, it will be my 65 th in August too and from time to time this geriatric feeling comes up. But we cannot change it so lets celebrate it. Good news from the doctor are the best news at all!

KhadijaTeri said...

Happy Birthday a bit late. I'm glad the news from the doctor was good news.