Sunday, November 1, 2015

Maze Books Amaze Me

Yes, maze books amaze me. They are easy to make from a sheet of paper and to finish so I always carry a tiny one (3 1/2" x 2 1/2") with me. As the weather turns cooler (ok, ok, "cooler" = 60°s and 70°s; be envious if you are living in cold climes...), this July/August maze book brings back pleasant summer memories.

The cover reminds me of all the airports I went through and also of where to open this magical book.
The first on-board drink... 

A wedding in Oregon meant a beautiful ceremony in Washington Park.

A tasty breakfast at the Sassy Onion Grill preceded sketching with a friend in the Hallie Ford Museum.

And then there was a lovely lunch with my sister on the San Francisco dwarf (ha, ha--great typo! wharf, of course!). We both sketched the "Hornblower" while waiting for the food to arrive.

At the end of the trip, my daughter brought me breakfast in bed.

Unfolded, the maze book (also called a "meander book") reveals its simple construction.

It contains about 30 pages, of which I sketched fifteen double layouts. So magical!

If you should want to make a maze/meander book, just check youtube for instructions...and have fun!


Cate Rose said...

I've always loved these books -- so many possibilities with them. I love your drawings and scratchings. What a cool way to do a mini travel journal. Happy November! Hugs.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I am so glad you showed us what a maze book is - I didn't have a clue until you showed it unfolded. They might be a fun project for the little crafting group I belong to. Even better that it's my turn to have the meeting this month.

Nancy said...

When I first read maze book, I was picturing mazes like my son loved as a kid. But this kind looks like much more fun, especially if you are as talented as you are! So beautiful.
And your typo here had me really laughing at the visual!!
"...San Francisco dwarf." Did you really eat on a dwarf?! Heehee

Pilgrim said...

Very neat! Thank you for sharing.

jude said...

always loved these too. and hi!