Thursday, January 30, 2014

Magic Carpets, 2

This craft show in Tunis with its numerous rug dealers created an enjoyable break in daily routine, a feast for the eyes. A bed cover caught my eye with its strong design. Made from natural dyes, the original owner from ElJem wove it for her dowry.

A Klim rug from SidiBouzid wowed me--whoa what color! I love looking at it and trying to figure out the wonkiness (the design is slightly off). 

But I'm not sure I could live with it. Over the top!

Much calmer, this Klim rug comes from Kasserine; sedate with a nice border.

Can't resist the blue rugs as they are less frequent.

This Mergoum rug from Gafsa contains a wonderful series of colors that blend from one to the other in part because of the designs within each wide stripe.
An unusual black and white structured mergoum rug beckoned to me. Black and white is always dramatic and with those wild solid colors...drat I should've taken this one home!
A close up to give an idea of the detail in the work.
Meet Ali Allani, a rug dealer from Kairoun who had a number of interesting old rugs. 
This lovely old mergoum is slightly faded, however, one can only gaze in wonder at the exquisite handwork. I had bedside rugs similar in design and color, however, they wore out with use and have become pillows. 
I am told the weavers no longer do this type of work.

And (of course) saving the craziest ones for last! 


Lisa Fulton said...

This post is very enjoyable, every piece shown is complex and interesting. I love LOVE the Klim rug from SidiBouzid; I could live with it!

Anneliese said...

A feast for the eyes - Great craftsmanship - I love them all.
We have once been in Kairouan --- nice memories.

Connie Rose said...

What gorgeous work ~ especially the blue ones!

Tonya Ricucci said...

oooh, I could easily and happily live with that kilim from Sidi Bouzid!!! love that wild color and style.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I simply can't imagine walking on these - they deserve a place of honor on a wall (especially the blue one!!).

Alicia said...

Beautiful rugs! That first one could be reproduced in a quilt, yes? I'm part Chickasaw & it seems like a native American design. hmmmmm....creative wheels turning!

Linda in Calif. said...

I love them, especially the last one. I must admit I'm very fond of red.

Linda A. Miller said...

Great rug designs! And another inventive recycling project with your own worn rug....

Karen L. Bates said...

Wow, those pillows are fantastic! What beauty!

Tripp House said...

Wow! Those rugs look great! Putting them in your living room can create a cozy ambiance. I must agree with you, the blue rug is irresistible. It's so nice because it has a Persian pattern with a touch of modernity.

Tripp House