Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fall Garden 2013

My wool coat came out only three days ago. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons in Tunisia because the weather remains pleasant and the garden has a last burst of growth before the cold sets in.

 Like me, the entrance alley has aged. I remember when it was smooth and flat. These days, I find wrinkles appealing.

The smallish pomegranate trees' leaves are turning yellow as the temperatures drop into the fifties and high forties. Storms are on the horizon.

My kitchen door and patio viewed from the outside. A friend gave me a tall stack of plastic pots, which I put to good use, given the explosive reproduction rate of plant life this Fall.
I bought a couple of cement artichokes and painted them a soft green. They make up for the lion statues that I really want. New plants, including a small cypress tree (quite a number of those have appeared out of nowhere as well), and some rock stacks now keep the big green pot the place of the lion statue that I really want (!).

More new additions: Spiky succulents fill in the spaces between the white planters.

A piece of leftover wrought iron fence forms the base of a plant shelf, supported by rocks. An oven rack, painted black, sits on top to hold plants.

The plants make good subject matter for drawing...Lots of possibilities.

New additions grace the Roman Rock Table, including a shelf on the lower left..

Rocks support this particular shelf, which is another oven rack. I drilled a hole in the bottom of an old blue enamel pot in order to plant interesting thematic grouping.

Because of my new teaching job, I have been unable to work on mosaic pots (heartbreak), however, recycling remains high on my list. An old hibachi, painted black, contains plants and rocks,
while the hibachi racks make mini-shelves to hold cacti planted in plastic soda bottles.

And my favorite new additions are these little tin men (about 2" high), which are souvenirs from South Africa. One plays a drum while the other reads a book. Their little black "table" is made of stacked (gas) stove burners. 

 Recycling at its best.


Mary said...

Your ingenuity continues to amaze me. Here's hoping you can find some time to do those mosaic pots again and maybe find the perfect lion statue!

Nat Palaskas said...

You have a lovely home Nadia. I love that whitewash building. It's so Mediterranean. Meddle East has such hash weather. You have to be strong to live there and you are strong and creative woman. You make everything works for you - Hugs Nat

Julie S said...

On the Roman table, all the way to the right, there is a mosaic pot with a streak that runs SW to NE. It is the most beautiful mosaic I have ever seen!

Really a roman table? That's what is so great about your part of the world. Recycling on a 2,000 year scale.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Nadia, you make me smile! I love all the creative ways you make good use of what you have.

Julie Fukuda said...

We could have a succulent party. I love plants that can survive on neglect when I am out of town. I love the tones and textures of your garden.

Bouts Choisis said...

What lovely photos and such ingenious ideas! Your garden is beautiful. Maybe Santa knows about your need for lions?
It has been mild in Normandy this autumn - although often wet - for a change:-) We still have some roses in flower in the garden! It makes it even harder to believe it is December already!

Carole Reid said...

Your garden posts are always so interesting Nadia. You have a good eye for recycling things into eye catching objects. How do you ever water it all?
Have a great week.

Martha Wolfe said...

Hi Nadia! Your garden is always so lovely. Your wonderful mosaic pots! Thanks for the glimpse into your life there. Your weather sounds just like ours! Hope all is well with the family.

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your garden. I love the variety of plants and the drawing of the mosaic pot with plant. Here's wishing you a blessed holiday and a prosperous new year.

Linda A. Miller said...

Wonderful garden...thank you for sharing your home with us. I love the drawing, too!

Stitching Lady said...

A beautiful garden and home. And real grass, or? Nicxe and green in autumn. Your autumn must be lovely, while ours is grey and very cool.

Threadpainter said...

Love your gardens and pots !